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Manuel Nunnery Site of Manuel Nunnery
Site of Manuel Nunnery
Site of Manuel Nunnery
Manuel Priory
Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire 1817
J. B. Hamilton Esqr.
Mr. Matthew Henderson
Estate Map dated 1796
031.11 "The Nunnery of Emanuel or Manuel was situated in the south-east border of Stirlingshire, upon the north bank of the Avon, a mile above Linlithgow Bridge. The walls of the chapel, which are of hewn stone, are still to be seen; as also the burial place, part of which is washed away by the river. It was founded by Malcolm IV, surnamed the Maiden, in 1156 and consecrated to the Virgin Mary. It was possessed by nuns of the Bernardine or Cistertian order, who occupied thirteen convents in Scotland. Beside the endowment bestowed by the royal founder, it received considerable donations from others at different times. King William, Malcolm's successor, made a grant of a tenth of all his revenues in the shire and borough of Linlithgow both money and victual. Alexander II made a donation of the mills of Linlithgow, with all their sequels and pertinents; and Roger de Avenel bestowed upon the holy sisters a chalder of wheat, to be paid by him, and his heirs out of his barns at Abercorn, at Christmas, yearly. **** When the list of ecclesiastical revenues was drawn up in in 1562, those of Manuel amounted to two pounds, fourteen shillings, eightpence Scots; three chalders of bear, seven chalders of meal, with a large quantity of salmon. It was given after the Reformation to the family of Callander." (Nimmo's History of Stirlingshire) Not a vestige of this building now remains to indicate the spot where it stood. the site of it is on the property of William Forbes Esqr., Callender House, Falkirk. It is generally called Manuel Priory in the neighbourhood.

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