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Campsie Glen Kirkton Glen
Kirkton Glen
Kirkton Glen or Campsie Glen
Kirkton Glen
Kirkton Glen
Kirkton Glen
Clachan or Kirkton Glen
Clachan or Kirkton Glen
Campsie Glen
New Statistical Account
Fullarton's Gazetteer
W. Gilchrist, Schoolmaster
J Johnston Inspector of Poor
Revd. [Reverend] Thomas Munro
D. Foyers Knowehead
Thomas Rankin Clachan
Alexander Stewart Clachan
Innkeeper's Cards
027.08 "The Campsie Glens are celebrated for their beauty and attract great numbers of visitors during the summer months. That which is most frequented, & which alone strangers commonly visit is the Kirkton Glen, so called from its proximity to the situation of the Old Kirk."
New Statistical Account

The extent of this Glen goes a good distance, above (up the "Jacobs Ladder", which may be said to be the extent to which visitors consider the name to apply, & as there are no walks farther up or beyond the woody enclosed banks, the name has been retained within this space from its being the part of the "Campsie or Kirkton Glen" best known. The old and proper name of this is "Kirkton Glen", now commonly called by the people about the neighborhood the "Clachan Glen", and "Campsie Glen" in the country generally. People from a distance would not know where "Kirkton Glen" is, but "Campsie Glen" would be recognised anywhere in Scotland. The best authorities have been applied to for this name & it has been found that both Kirkton & Campsie should be retained. The Finglen farther west is a very fine Glen, but it is hardly known beyond the neighborhood, the "Kirkton Glen" being generally resorted to by strangers.

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Co. [County] Stirling -- Campsie Parish

This Glen, locally called
Kirkton Glen or the
Clachan Glen is essentially
"Campsie Glen"
JB Major

"A great gap now appeared in the lofty fells to
the north, the vast sides of which slope steeply
down to a dark and narrow ravine, which
forms the far famed Campsie Glen".
(Macdonald's rambles round Glasgow)

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