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Field of Blood Field of Blood
Field of Blood
Field of Blood
New Statl. [Statistical] Account
R. Brown Westerton
J. Horn, Factor
028.09 "The last instance in this district of a Baron of Regality exercising the jurisdiction of pit & gallows over his dependants is said to have been exercised by the Viscount of Kilsyth, in the year 1793 (?) having condemned one of his own servants to be hanged for stealing silver plate from the house of Bancloich. The fellow was executed on a hill in the Barony of Bancloich, styled the Gallow Hill, a part of the gibbet was lately found lying in a swamp adjoining the field of Blood".
New Statistical Account.
The "Field of Blood" is pretty well known, & was 'till the Railway was made in the same field as the "Gallow Hill". It is not known exactly where the gibbet was found. There is a tradition in the locality that the "Field of Blood" takes its name from a party of persons coming to rescue the man who was hung, meeting the Viscount's people in this field, which narrowly escaped being a field of blood by an expected encounter.

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