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Castle Castle
New Statistical Account
Fullartons Gazetteer
Revd. [Reverend] John Gillison recently in Ph. [Parish]
J. Mann Ph. [Parish] Schoolmaster 5 yrs [years]
027.14 "Upon the high grounds in a Commanding situation at the north-west corner of the Parish, stands an old ruinous Tower, being all that now remains of the Mansion House of the Galbraiths of Bathernock, which appears to have been a large building surrounded with a ditch. Its antiquity must be very considerable, even tradition does not venture to determine."
Old Statistical Account.
The "Castle" stands in Craigmaddie Plantation, near the mansion House of that Name from which there is, in the plantation, a much neglected foot path leading to it, having Stone steps here placed by Mr Glassford when living in the House previous to Mr Ds occupation just below the ruins to ascend the rock on which
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Co. [County] Stirling -- Baldernock Parish

"On the heights of the parish, and towards the north-west, the ruins of
a tower of unknown size and antiquity, and once the mansion house
of the Galbraiths of Bathernock lie behind Craigmaddie." (New Stat Act [Statistical Account])

"In the north west corner of the parish on an elevated piece of ground, stands
an old ruined tower, being all that now remains of the mansion house
of the Galbraiths of Baldernock. (Ful Gaz. [Fullarton's Gazetteer])

"Upon the high ground in the north west corner of the parish, stands an
old tower, the only remains of the mansion of the Galbraiths of Bal-
dernock. It appears to have been at one time surrounded by a ditch."
(Origines Paroch [Origines Parochiales Scotiae])

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