List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Cairn Cairn (Urn found here)
New Statl. [Statistical] Account
Old Statl. [Statistical] Account
A. Galloway Esquire
Mr. John Donald High Blochairn
James Scott H. [High] Blochairn
Janet Lyon H. [High] Blochairn
027.15 "Not far from the old ruinous Tower of Craigmaddie to the westward, are several of those large loose heaps of Stone called Cairns, some of them oblong and others of a circular shape. One of the circular ones which has not been broken up is about 80 yards in circumference. From two that have been broken up, it appears that they are composed of loose stones carelessly thrown together, but at the bottom are large flags on edge in two parallel rows, at the distance of between three or four feet, lidded over with flags laid across; the Cavity thus formed is divided into partitions into cells of 6 or 7 feet long. In one of these long cairns lately broken up were found several fragments of a large coarsely fabricated Urn & some pieces of human bones." The farm in which these Cairns are is named Blochairn, which may be a corruption of Balcairn - "the town of the cairns." Old Statistical Acct. [Account].
"On the farm of Blochairn are Several oblong and Circular Cairns, Memorials of Ancient feuds &c". N. Statl. [New Statistical] Account.
Antiquities Cairn (27-15-4)

Bronze Pot found here (32-3-1)
Cairn (32-3-1)

Cairn (Two Urns found) 32-3-1

Cairn (Stone Cist found) 32-3-1

Three Urns & a Bronze Arrow head found here
A. Galloway Esqr.
Mr. J. Donald H. [High]Blochairn
Mr. J. Donald
Mr. J. Donald
A Galloway Esquire
Messrs. Galloway & Donald
James Scott
Messrs. Galloway & Donald
James Scott
Messrs. Galloway & Donald
James Scott
032.02 The Several Cairns upon the farms of Blochairn are adopted upon the authorities quoted in each case, in addition to the description & authority given above from the Old and New Statl. [Statistical] Accounts.
The Urns etc. found were seen by the persons whose names are given, & who have pointed out the spots in which they saw them dug up at the time of discovery. At the large Cairn to the north-west at High Blochairn the Urn was found under a large slab stone, which at present may be seen standing at the gap of an adjoining dyke; and in the oblong Cairn, a little to the north-east of the stack yard of Low Blochairn, a Stone Cist was found, but there was nothing in it, according to what the person (J. Scott) who saw it states. The Three Urns & the Bronze Arrow head found in the road to the south-east, as pointed out by Mr. Galloway, who is or was in possession of them, were also found under a Slab. In one of the Cairns on Blochairn as many as 500 Cart loads of Stones have been taken away. It is supposed that the remains of the large Cairn to the north-west of H. [High] Blochairn, in which an Urn was got under a large slab, is the one alluded to, as its remains are still very large. All the Cairns have been represented on the Examination Traces as the remains appear at the present time (1862), and all have either a Conical or Oblong form exhibited in their construction - the former predominates. The Cairn south-west of High Blochairn is almost perfect, having never been broken open like the rest of those in the neighborhood. Immediately west of this, in an adjoining field, the remains of a regularly formed cairn are to be seen opened from the top & hollow within the circle, sloping gradually but distinctly outwards.

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