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Place names

300 place names

Lade GeosOS1/31/26/14
Lade GeosOS1/31/26/15
Lagart GeoOS1/31/26/79
Lang Geo of the HeadOS1/31/26/60
Lanner GeosOS1/31/26/3
Linga SoundOS1/31/26/33
Little Loch of LingaOS1/31/26/28
Little Lyri geoOS1/31/26/105
Little NessOS1/31/26/51
Little Roonie GeoOS1/31/26/14
Little WaterOS1/31/26/82
Loch IsbisterOS1/31/26/84
Loch of HoullOS1/31/26/81
Loch of HuxterOS1/31/26/100
Loch of LiristerOS1/31/26/82
Loch of SandwickOS1/31/26/49
Loch of StanefieldOS1/31/26/86