List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
The Haa The Haa Gilbert Gilbertson Sandwick
Laurance Laurenson Symbister
038.16; 038.03 This name applies to a perpendicular indention in Cleat Head
Clett Head Cleat Head

Clett Head
Gilbert Gilbertson
Laurance Laurenson
Admiralty Chart
038.16; 038.03 This name applies to a small steep Headland a short distance East of he District of Clett and about one and a half miles from Symbister
Hellick Hellick Gilbert Gilbertson
Laurance Lauranson
038.16; 038.03 This name applies to a flat Rock forming the Eastern side of Clett Head and on the southern shore of the Island of Whalsay

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[Page] 58.
Shetland Island of Whalsey
Parish of Whalsey
Sheet 38 Plan 16 Trace 3

Transcriber's notes

From different ink used the version of the name "Clett Head" has been Re-submitted - this annotation being indicated in another name book.
Probable misspelling in the Authorities of the names "Laurenson" & "Lauranson" - likely to be "Laurenceson".

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