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Continued entries/extra info

75 111.
__ O.S. NAME BOOK F&T 800 1-78
25 [3-23-2]

Anchor Geo 38
Andooing Skerry 63
Ayra Geo 65
Ayre of Breiwick 106
Ayre of Virda 22
Ayrie Geo 97

Ballamas Geos 16
Ballie Geo 79
Berg 84
Bight of Cudda 27

Blandie Geo 49
Boat Hellia 46
Booth Skerry 30
Braga 39
Braga Geo 41
Brandy Hole 90
Bratti Geo 30
Bratti Geo 68
Brei Wick 106
Breiwick Burn 107
Breiwick Point 107
Bringers 82

Britch Hellia 93
Brough 69
Brough 100
Brough (site of) 39
Brough (site of) 73
Brough Dale 29
Brough Geo 43
Brough Head 29
Bulter Geo 20 {side note this entry has been deleted]
Burial Ground 94
Burn of Huxter 98
Burns 72

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