List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
The Snivel The Snivel
The Snivel
The Snivel
Mr. M. Robertson Setter
Mr. H. Hunter Springfield
Mr. Thomson Sandwater
043.10; 043.02 A hillface Situated on the W. [West] side of "Burn of Scallafield", and east of "Muckle Scord", It is the property of the Heirs of the late [---] Black of Kergord.
Dros Wall Dros Wall
Dros Wall
Dros Wall
Mr. H. Hunter, Springfield.
Mr. Robertson, Setter.
Mr. Thomson Sandwater
043.10; 043.3; 043.06 A low hill situated betwixt "Burn of Drosswell", and "Burn of Weisdale", also about 1/4 mile N.E. [North East] or "Springfield". It is the property of Mr. John Blair Edinburgh
Lamba Water Lamba Water 043.10; 043.01 Authorised and described in 6 Inch Name Book for Sheet 43

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[page] 3
Parish of Weisdale, Shetland.
[signed] William Fraser C/A [Civilian Assistant]

Marginal [written under Lamba Water in List of Names column]

Transcriber's notes

Description of The Snivel: the last word looks like Kerford. but I have put Kergord as that is definitely a local placename.

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