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Parish of Tingwall, Shetland. 127
The Lotrans The Lotrans Mr. C.C. Beatton, Teacher Gott. Sheet 48 Plan 16 Trace 5
The Lotrans Mr. Magnus Tait, Houster
The Lotrans Mr. I. Swanson Gott
A point of shingle, sand and stones, situated under H.W.M. [High Water Mark] at the south end of "The Houb".
The Ark The Ark Mr. L. Robertson, Outerdykes Sheet 48 Plan 16 Trace 6
The Ark Mr. Wm. Hunter Morbanks
The Ark Mr. C.C. Beatton Gott
A thatched dwelling house situated in the district of "Breiwick" and 1/8 mile s.w. of "North House", It is the property of G.H.B. Hay, Lerwick.
North House North House Mr. L. Robertson, Outterdykes Sheet 48 Plan 16 Trace 6
North House Mr. Wm. Hunter Morbanks
North House Mr, Magnus Tait, Houster
North House (adopted)
A thatched dwellinghouse with land attached situated and the N. end of "Breiwick," and on the east side of "Ward of Breiwick" property of G.H.B. Hay Esqr. [Esquire]
Maa Skerry Maa Skerry Mr. Robertson Outerdykes Sheet 48 Plan 16 Trace 6
Maa Skerry Mr. Wm. Hunter, Moorbanks.
Maa Skerry Mr. Magnus Tait, Houster
A small high water rack situated at the N. corner of "Brei Wick."
[signed] Wm. Fraser C/A

Transcriber's notes

In the book the list of properties is in this order:- The Lotrans, North House, The Ark, Maa Skerry.
In the transcription North House and The Ark have changed places. I don't know why this is.
I can't see any "note" checkbox.

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