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Yell Yell The name applies to an island situated towards the northern extremity of the Shetland group, its greatest length is about eighteen miles and average breadth about five miles. It is bounded on the north by the north Sea, on the east by the Sounds known as "Colgrave & Blue Mull Sound, and on the South & West by "Yell Sound." The greater part of the island is one vast tract of moorland deep bogs prevailing from one extremity to the other. The patches of cultivation are chiefly situated along the sides of the Voes' and other favourable positions. There are the remains of some seventeen, or eighteen, "Broughs" or Picts houses to be seen, a few of which were, or appear to have been strongly built, but the greater number dont appear to have been places of much strength. the inference being that there must at least have been two classes of these sort of buildings. There are the sites, or remains of fourteen Chapels, the greater number of which
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