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North Neaps North Neaps
North Neaps
North Neaps
Capt [Captain] William Henderson of Gloup
Mr L Williamson, Westafirth
Mr PJ Williamson, Gloup
004.04; 004.05 Applies to that high precipitous headland, forming the northwesterly extermity of the island of Yell, extending from "Tonga" on the east to "Aastack Geo" on the west, a distance of nearly two miles, It is the property of Major Cameron of Gouth & Annsbrae
Gloup Voe Group Voe 004.04; 004.05 For Authorities & Descriptive Remarks Vide 1/2500 Name Book of North Yell

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Parish of North Yell Shetland
[Signed] A McDonald 2nd Corpl RE [2nd Corporal Royal Engineers]

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