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Windy Stacks Windy Stacks
Windy Stacks
Windy Stacks
Rev. [Reverend] William Brand, Dunrossness
Robert Isbister, Factor, Grutness
John Johnston, Farmer, Brakes
066.03 A hill top situate about 1/2 mile east of Runie os Vaadsgill and about 3/4 mile north east of Thiefs House.
Riven Burn Riven Burn
Riven Burn
Riven Burn
Rev. [Reverend] William Brand Dunrossness
Robert Isbister Factor Grutness
John Johnston Farmer, Brakes
066.03 A small mountain stream rising about 1/2 mile south east of Thiefs House and flowing in a northeasterly directions through Northery Gill.

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Parish of Dunrossness -- Shetland
[Signed] Robert M. Watson C./a. [Civilian assistant]

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Moethill [note] Cancelled Doubtful

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