List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Loch of Lunklet Loch of Lunklet Scattald Suryl of Wasdale
Joseph Wains Meresman for Tingwall
Thomas Taylor Meresman for Whiteness
William Thomson Meresman for Weisdale
043.01 This name applies to a small fresh water loch situated a little to the west of the hill known as "Scallafield": it is also known as Scalla Field Loch but can be best authenticated as Loch of Lunklet. property of Mr. Grierson, Lerwick.
Lunklet Lunklet Mr William Thomson Sandwaters
Mr Henry Hunter Springfield
Mr Robertson Setter &c &c
Interlocutor on boundary
043.01 This name applies to a ruin situated at the point where the Burns of Marrafield-Water Burn of Lunklet & Burn of Lamba-water form a junction on the property of Mr Grierson, Lerwick

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County of Shetland -- Parish of Aithsting

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loch of Lunklet [Note] Cancelled

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