List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Walter Grieve Occupier
John Hume Allanhaughmill
John Irvine Southfieldgate
032.02 [Situation] On the East bank of Allan Water.
A farm house with good Outoffices attached, the property of the Duke of Buccleuch
MITCHELL'S HOLE Mitchell's Hole
Mitchell's Hole
Mitchell's Hole
Walter Grieve
John Hume
John Irvine
032.02 [Situation] 1/4 mile N.E. [North East] of Southfield.
A hollow, near Southfield where, it is said that, a Mr. Mitchell preached to the "Scattered Remnant" during the persecution, in the times of the Soleum League & Covenant,
Auldca Knowe
Auldca Knowe
Auldca Knowe
New Stat - Acct. [New Statistical Account] of Roxburgh
Mr. Kennedy Inspector of Poor
Mr. Wilson Writer - Hawick
Mr. Ogilvie, Branxholm.
032.02 [Situation] 24 Chains N. [North] of Southfieldgate.
A Small hill feature on the summit of which there are indications of a large cairn or rather Tumulus.

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Plan 32. 2. Trace No. 5. -- Parish of Hawick

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