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Roman Road (Remains & track of) [continued from page 15]
in the vicinity of Bowden, plainly indicates that it was of great strength being about 32 feet with a ditch on each side of about 16 feet wide, varying both in width and construction suited to the ground over which it passes. No part of it appears to have been paved with stones.
HOLYDEAN DEER PARK Holydean Deer Park.
The Great Deer Park of Haliedean.
The Great Deer Park of Haliedean.
Mr Blackie, Holy Dean.
An old tack or lease quoted in the Statistical account of Scotland. Fullertons Gazetteer of Scotland. p 160.
007.16; 008.13; 013.04; 014.01 The greatest curiosity of its kind in this quarter and perhaps of a similar nature anywhere else is a stone dyke or wall built without lime or cement of any kind, which encloses about 500 acres of the farm of Holydean, and has stood upwards of 300 years and is still a tolerably good fence. It had, at first, been six or seven feet high with cope stones. In an old tack or lease this enclosure is called "The Great Deer Park of Haliedean". St. Acc. of Scot. [Statistical Account of Scotland] The wall above mentioned is a good fence. There is a little doubt about the extent of it on part of the south side of he Park, but it is traceable with sufficient accuracy for writing the name in the centre. It is not a deer park now.

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