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Name of Objects -- Sheet -- Page
Wester Ross -- -- 1.
(Ob na Bà Ruaidhe -- -- 122
Altered by Authority of Osgood Mackenzie Esq. Inverness Ho. [House] To be used for 1" purposes only, further investigation to me made during the revision of the larger scales. Bu order of the D.G. [Director General] 12.8.95)
Loch nan Uan -- -- 134
(Remark as above)
Meall a' Chàise -- -- 133
(Remark as above)
Meall nan Uan -- -- 134
(Remark as above)
Meall Ghiuragarstidh -- -- 128
(Remark as above)
Càrn an Eich Dheirg

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