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FORT (Supposed Site of) 088; 089

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County of Nairn Detached Parish of Urquhart & Logie Wester

(List of Names)
(Supposed Site of)
Old English

(Various modes)
Castle [crossed out, replaced by] Fort
(Remains of) [crossed out, replaced by] Supposed Site of

Mr Allan Drumonreach
Mr Forbes Crochair
Mr John MacKenzie

89 / 1 Plan
Trace 4
& 88 / 4.

(Descriptive Remarks)
This name applies to an old Mound Much in the form of a Danish Fort Commonly asserted to be the remains of a Castle but what name it bore by whoom Erected or when demolished there is neither history or Tradition to state. Mr Forbes who is an aged man asserts that he remembers part of the walls standing which has since been removed for farm purposes. There were pieces of Warlike Accoutiements and bits of human remains found in it but at what date I couldn't Ascertain It is on the property of Arthur Forbes Esqr Cullodan House

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