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TAIN [parish] Tain
Mr G.T. Munro Town Clerk
E.H. Matheson Esqr. Collector of Taxes
Fullartons Imperial Gazetteer
Valuation Roll 1869-70
New Stat. [Statistical] Account.
028; 029; 041; 042; 054 The Parish of Tain is the seat of the presbytery of Tain in the Synod of Ross. Patron, the Marchioness of Stafford. It is bounded on the north by the Dorn[och] Firth; on the east by the Parish of Edderton: on the south by the Parish of Logie Easter; [on] the south west by the Parish of Fearn; on the west by Tarbat Parish. The Parish of Tain is situated in the County of Ross. There are no detached portions of it in any other parish, neither are there any detached portions of any other parish within its limits; but it contains within its limits four detached portions of Cromartyshire. The detached portions of Cromartyshire, including foreshore contain about 3706 statute acres. The eastern part of the parish has a sandstone bottom with a stratum of red clay varying from a few inches to 50 or 60 feet & filled with large boulders along the sea coast & extending westward the bottom is peatmoss covered with a stratum of fine sand over which there is an alluvial deposit evidently formed by the slow retiring of the tide. The surface of the parish m[ay] be divided into 3 well defined districts: - a belt of low flat plain along the coast about half-a-mile in mean breadth and partly disposed in public links or downs; a broad sheet of land of middle character between a terrace & a hanging plain and displaying rich embellishments of woo[d] and culture; and a ridge or series of gentle uplands along the southern border of the parish. The soil is [curiously] deep & light, fertile & barren. The Parish of Tain including the detached portions of Cromartyshire contains 21606 statute acres.

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County of Ross and Cromartyshire Detached -- Parish of Tain

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