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TAIN [parliamentary burgh] Tain
Mr G.T. Munro Town Clerk
E.H. Matheson, esq Collector of Taxes
William Ross, esq, Agent, British Linen Company Bank.
Rev [Reverend] L. Rose, Parish Minister
Commissioners Report on Burgh Boundaries 1832.
Act of Parliament 2nd & 3rd of William 4th dated 17th July 1832
041 An ancient Royal Burgh, its Gaelic name being Baile Dhuthaich, (Duthach's Town,). The Inquisition of 1439 traces its ancient privileges back through Robert 3rd, Robert 2nd, and David 2nd to its foundation by Malcolm Canmore, but the Charters and deeds granting these privileges were destroyed by fire in the reign of James 1st [James I] in 1427. James 4th granted a new charter on the 10th January 1587 renewing and confirming all its liberties, privileges, Courts, markets, and other immunities appertaining to free Royal Burghs. Malcolm Canmore also procured for Duthach's Town, the special protection [continued on page 2]

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County of Ross -- Parliamentary Burgh of Tain -- Parish of Tain

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