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Extracts from Old Statistical Account ------- Examiners replies to each of the underlined portions

Antiquities. _ There is a greater number of ancient ------- shewn on tracings
encampments in this, than in any other parish in the north;
from tradition, and the general's tent, being circular, they are
supposed to have been formed by the Danes when they invaded
Scotland. There are likewise a great many Tumuli or Cairns; ------- shewn on tracings
the largest are formed of stones of various dimentions, and the
lesser of earth and Stones thrown promiscuously together.
In removing the stones of some of these cairns, Stone coffins were ------- shewn on tracings
found, formed by a large and two small slabs of unkewn freestone,
containing ashes, and blades of offensive weapons, almost
totally consumed by rust.
The only building in this parish, that has the appearance
of great antiquity, is the castle of Craighouse, on the shore ------- written & Described
of Cullicudden, about 2 1/2 miles westward of the Old Kirk ------- written & Described
It is 5 storeys high built with run lime on a rock perpen-
dicular towards the sea, which washes it at flood tide; and
surrounded on the land side by a ditch and high wall, it ------- This ditch should be shewn
evidently appears to have a place of considerable strength. All ------- no ditch visible at present
the apartments of the one half of it, which is most entire, are formed
by stone arches, but the floors of the other half, which is evidently
more modern, have been laid on wooden joists, part of which are
still to be seen on the walls

Names of Objects ------- Names of Objects
An Oilein-dubh ------- Mull-bui
Aird Meadonach ------- Newhall
[--acklangwell] ------- Scatwell
Craighouse. ------- St Martin's Church
Creek of Cuddies ------- St Martin's Mill ------- St Martin's Mill
Cullicudden ------- St Michael's Church

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