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Extracts from New Statistical Account ------- Examiners replies to each of the underlined portions

United Parish of
Kirkmichael and Cullicudden
Better known by its more modern name of Resolis

Of this united parish the eastern division is Kirkmichael.
Its Gaelic name is "Kil a' Mhichail,"or the Cell of St Michael;
but this name is by the inhabitants usually given only to the ------- Church written &
church and burying ground. The district which the ancient ------- Described
parish of Kirkmichael comprehended is called "Sgire a'
Mhichail," or the parish of St Michael. Cullicudden forms
the Western district of the united parish. Its Celtic name
is Coull a' Chuddinn or Chuddegin, signifying the Cuddie
Creek, - that species of fish being formerly, though not now,
caught in great abundance in a small creek on the shore
of Cullicudden, and a little to the west of the Old Church.
It is probable, however, that St Martin's, or Kirk Martin, and
not Cullicudden, was the name originally of this small but
ancient parish. It is still called by the natives Sgire a'
Mhartinn, or the parish of St Martin's; and at the place of
St Martin's, a small farm near its western extremity the ------- Shewn
foundation of a Church, surrounded by a burying ground not
now occupied, may still be seen. The probabilty is, therefore,
that the parish Church, dedicated to St Martin of Tours. was
originally at the place of St Martin's; but the Church being after-
wards removed to the more centrical place of Cullicudden, the
parish from this circumstance came to be so called.
The united parish of Kirkmichael and Cullicudden,
though still so called in old deeds and in the records of
[Presbytery], is better Known by its more modern name of ------- Name Sheet with
Resolis, (Ri-sholuis, i.e. the field or ridge of light) and the ------- Authorities supplied
united parish got this name from the circumstance that the
manse first, and a few years afterwards the church was built,
and the glebe designated by excambion at the place of Resolis,
as the most centrical about the year 1767. After the present
church was built, the two old churches were suffered to fall
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