List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
ALLT A' GHÀRAIDH BHIG Allt a' Ghàraidh Bhig William Ross Gamekeeper Amat 025 Applies to a Stream rising at the South end of Ach' a' Ghàraidh Bhig flowing north west until it joins the Black Waters at Poll Gorm Sig [Significance] "Stream of the little Garden"
FÉITH GHLAS Féith Ghlas William Ross Gamekeeper Amat 025 Applies to a Ditch situate on the west Side of the River Carron and East of Torr Beag and Carr Creagan Sig [Signification] "Grey Quagmire"
LÙB SHEASG Lùb Sheasg William Ross Gamekeeper Amat 025 Is a bend in the Black Waters Situate on the South Side of the Waters an the east end of Lòn na Cròice
Sig [Signification] "Barren Bend"

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[Page] 58
Parish of Kincardine
County of Ross
Sheet 25 Plan 3

ACH' A' CHARAIDH BHIG [Crossed out]

[Signed] E C White
Sapper R.E [Royal Engineers]

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