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Site of CHAPEL [Fodderty] Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Site of Chapel
Revd [Reverend] J Menzies
Stat Acct [Statistical Account]
Mr A. McLennan Millnain
076 This is the side of a catholic chapel, which was situated near the middle of the burying ground of Fodderty, Its dedicatory name could not be obtained. There is nothing to mark the spot where it stood; but when diggin graves near the middle large flags are often met with
CRIOCHT AN TEAMPUIL Croicht an Teampuil
Croicht an Teampuil
Croicht an Teampuil
Revd [Reverend] J. Menzies
Mr, A. McLennan
New Statistical account
076 This name is applied to a small field, which lies at the point of Fodderty farm house, but no person can tell why it gets the name,
STONE CIST CONTAINING HUMAN REMAINS FOUND A.D. 1830 [Criocht an Teampuil] 076 on a small bank near its northern fence there was, about 41 years ago, dug up a stone Coffin, which contained human bones, which when exposed fell into dust About 10 years before this, another one was found in a field which lies between this, and Keppoch farm house, which also contained human bones In the Hights of Fodderty a farmer whilst ploughing, this year, laid bare another stone coffin similar to those found near Fofferty

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County of Cromarty -- Ph [Parish] of Fodderty (Proper)

Stone Cist containing Human Remains found A.D. 18.30 [notes]
By order. John. T. Hoban c.a. [civilian assistant] 11 Jany [January] 1876.
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