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Revd [Reverend] J Menzies, Minister
Mr Gunn
Stat [Statistical] Account
088 This is the parish church, and is a large rectangular building built of stone, and slated, and in good condition It was built in 1807, and is seated to accomodate 600. "Near the church ar [are] two standing stones, the vulgar tradition respecting them, is, that Knock Farril, which lies directly opposite was ofter resorted to by Fin-mac-coul, the Fingal of Ossain; whence by his immense strength, he threw them down upon his enemies, In conformity of this, the marks of a gigantic finger and thumb, are still pointed out on one the them" New Stat acct [Statistical account]
SCHOOL [Fodderty] School
Mr D Scott, master
Revd [Reverend] J Menzies
Stat [Statistical] account
076 This is a school, having a schoolhouse sttached, both are one story high, slated, and in good order, average attendance 50. The usual rudementary branches of education are taught

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County of Ross -- Ph [Parish] of Fodderty (Proper)

Church [note] Standing Stone is written to each separately See page 84

School [notes]
of both sexes
Suggested from Ex: [Examiners] office and approved By Order. John Y. Hoban c.a. [civilian assistant] 13. Jany, [January] 1876

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