List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
AIRD NA UIG Aird na Uig John Smith, Sandig 016 This village consists of six house, or huts, all built of stones and peat moss sods - the former are used as a kind of lining to the walls. They are of the worst possible description of dwellings.
AMHUINN GILL NA HARDA Amhuinn Gill na Harda John Smith, Sandig 016 A small stream which runs out of Loch Meacleit and into the sea at Mol na Harda from which it takes its name. There is an old corn mill on this stream.
EUN TOM Eun Tom John Smith, Sandig 016 A small round hillock or knoll, covered with a deep coat of peat moss lying adjacent to and south of Aird na Uig.

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