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RUDHA CAOL Rudha Caol John Smith, Sandig 016 This is a long, narrow point of land, the most western extremity of the point of Uig. The cliff round this point is bold, rocky, and, precipitous in the extreme.
The east side of this point is famous for salmon fishing, indeed, it is the best in the island of Lewis. there is a fishing station here.
Point of Land.
DHU LOCH Dhu Loch John Smith, Sandig 016 A small fresh water lake situated near the northern extremity of Rudha Caol. It is very shallow and in Summer nearly dry. There is a small stream running from this lake into geodh an Shuilish. Lake
DRUIM A BHEANACH Druim a Bheanach John Smith, Sandig 016 This is a flat rocky hill on the sea shore on the west side of this hill are three small fresh water lakes and, a kind of ruin which, tradition says, belongs to some religious person, who, in times of persecution inhabited it.

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