List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
LOCH A BEANACH Loch Beanach John Smith, Sandig 016 Lake
A small fresh water lake out of which runs a small stream into the sea _ this lake is very shallow _ situated adjacent to and east of Beanacha from which it takes its name.
BEANACHA Beanacha John Smith, Sandig 016 Ruin
This ruin is in Lige about twenty eight feet by eighteen the walls of which are stone roughly laid, together without mortar they stand about five feet high. There is no appearance of any other building or ruin near this. Tradition says that this ruin was inhabited by a Priest or some religious person in time of persecution.
CNOC NA LEANA MHOR Cnoc na Leana Mhor John Smith, Sandig 016 Hill
A round flat hill on the top of which is a trigt station.
It is covered with a deep coat of peat moss lying between Loch a Bheanach and Aird Uig.

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