List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
GARININ [1896] Gearnan
John Smith
John McKay
Donald Murray
Col. J. Farquharson CBRE Director General Ord Survey
Mr J. Mathieson O.S. Edinburgh 1896
012 [Situation] Adjoining to and south of Tealan Ard, 10 chains E.S.East of Loch nan Gearrannan
[Descriptive remarks]
A small village consisting of 7 or 8 huts, built of stones and peat sods and thatched with straw and heather.
"Gearranan" signifies Shealings
John Smith
John McKay
Donald Murray
012 [Situation] In Gearranan village, adjoining to and south of Tealan Ard
[Descriptive remarks]
A small hill, or hillock, on which is built the Village of Gearranan.
"Sithean" Signifies Hill or Hillock

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