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John McKye.
Mr. Craig: Surveyor.
Val : [Valuation] Roll
Ainslies' Co. [County] Map 1790
Voters' List 1846 _
015.15 A good farm house & outbuildings It is the property of Mr. Richardson & is tenanted by John McKye.
East Muirdykes
East Muirdykes
William Geddes
Val: [Valuation] Roll
Voters' list 1846
011.15 A good farm house & outbuildings It is the property of Mrs. Lindsay, and is tenanted by William Geddes Close to this house was fought the Battle of Muirdykes.
Site of the BATTLE OF MUIRDYKES Site of the
Battle of Muirdykes
Fought June 18th. 1685.
011.15 The battle of Muirdykes, fought on a farm of the same name in the eastern part of the ph [parish] June 18 1685. The Dke [Duke] of Argyle collected in Holland an army of 1500 refugees from Scotland. with whom he landed at Kintyre & proceeded towards Glasgow. When he reached Kilpatrick his followers began to desert him. With a few of them he crossed the Clyde & came to Inchinnan, where he was taken prisoner, carried to Edinburgh & executed. A remnant of his followers, under the command of Sir John Cochran, came to Muirdykes, where they were attacked by the forces of King James VII, whom they defeated, and remained on the field behind a natural entrenchment till it was dark. Afraid of the enemy being reinforced, they retired during the night, and proceeded Southwards in the parish of Beith. The King's forces made a similar retreat under the shade of night, and so the field was found next morning deserted of both parties" N. S. Acct. [New Statistical Account] The site is marked on trace. The present farmer never found anything in ploughing, but the one before him found several bullets.

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"Is noticed by a number of Historians
such as [Robert] Wodrow, Sir Patrick Hume
of Polmont, and Dr. McCrie in his
memoirs of Bryson" [Memoirs of Mr. William Veitch and George Brysson, written by themselves, to which are added biographical sketches and notes by Thomas M'Crie.]
J.h. Capt. R.E [Captain Royal Engineers]

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