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AUCHINBATHIE TOWER Auchinbathie Tower.
Auchinbathie Tower
Auchinbathie Tower
New Stat. Acct. [New Statistical Account]
Fowler's Paisley directory
Mr. Craig: Surveyor
015.07 "Auchinbathie Tower stands on the side of the road leading to Stewarton, Dunlop etc. It is surrounded by some old trees, and Cultivated land, - memorials of the wealthy inhabitants by whom it must have been occupied. We have said it was no doubt the mansion house of the progenitors of Sir William Wallace. It is not so large as either of the Castles already mentioned, though less dilapidated than the second. It is 29 ft. [feet] long, from 10 to 12 broad, but it is probable that only a portion of the side walls remain, and its greatest height is about 17 ft. [feet] There is a small building embosomed within these ancient walls, and therefore instead of being the mansion house of a distinguished family, they are now an outhouse for Cattle" _ N. Stat: Acct [New Statistical Account]
"This family "(Wallaces of Ellerslie )" was in possession of this property in 1398. They had a castle or Tower there" Fowlers Paisley directory.
The walls around are continuous, though not in many places more than 4 or 5 ft. [feet] high. At the side next the farm house a small portion of the wall has been removed as an inlet for pigs which a short time since were reared inside the old walls The outhouse mentioned in the N. Stat = Acct. [New Statistical Account] has been partly removed _

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