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East Rivoch
Low Rivoch
East Rivoch
Mr William Crawford Inspector
Valuation Roll
Revd [Reverend] William Colville
019.02 This farm yard and dwelling belongs to Allan Gilmour Esq. and is now occupied by
John Scott
RIVOCH CUT Rivoch Cut Mr William Crawford Inspector
Mr A Henry Cotton Mill
Revd [Reverend] William Colville
019.02 This is partly an artificial channel conveying water to Picketlaw Reservoir
MID DAM Mid Dam Mr Henry, Cotton Mill
Mr William Crawford Inspector
Revd [Reverend] William Caldwell
019.02 This water is one of the feeders of Picketlaw Reservoir and is well known in the locality by the name supplied.
HIGH DAM High Dam Mr Henry
Mr William Crawford
Revd [Reverend] William Campbell
019.02 This dam is well known in the locality and popularly known as supplied

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County of Renfrew
Parish of Eaglesham

Note: East Rivoch - Several Stone Coffins Containing Calcined human remains found here under a Cairn J. Bayly
Note: Rivoch Cut - Several Urns Containing Human remains found here under a Tumulus. J. Bayly.[East Rivoch]
Note: See West Rivoch - Antiquarian memorials, about twenty years ago, were found in two places on this farm. The first was covered with a cairn of stones, which being removed, discovered to view Seven rudely formed Stone coffins, filled with Calcined human bones & sticks. The Second had been a tumulus, which, on excavation, was found to contain several urns filled also with Calcined human bones and sticks. The farmer, John Scott, who made the discoveries, pointed the spots out to me, & they are now accurately identified on the traces. John Keely 2nd Crpl [Corporal] RSM [Royal Sappers and Miners]

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