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Site of CHAPEL [Chapelhill] (Site of) Chapel
(Site of) Chapel
(Site of) Chapel
Revd.[Reverend] A H Gray. Ph.[Parish] Manse
Mr. Wyllie, Ph. [Parish] Teacher
Mr. Clark, Chapelhill.
108 There are not the slightest traces of a Chapel at this spot, although it is the general belief that there was one in connection with the Abbey of Inchaffrie. The field bears the name of the Chapel Park at the present time, and has done so from time immemorial.
Site of TUMULUS [Gilmore] (Site of) Tumulus.
(Site of) Tumulus.
Revd.[Reverend] A H Gray.
Mr. J McCulloch, Kinkile TP. [Turn Pike}
108 This spot was pointed out by Mr. McCulloch who saw some of the soil that composed the Tumulus, Mr Gray also corroborates his statement as to this being the place, It is supposed to be Roman.

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County of Perth -- Ph. [Parish] of Trinity Gask.

Site of CHAPEL
Extract from Stat. Acct.[Statutury Account] "There was a Chapel in former time upon the present farm of Coul Gask (or
Chapelhill) The plan Suto bears the name of Chapelhill but it was turned over some time ago, and no
trace of it is now to be found."

Site of TUMULUS 108/5
Extract from Stat [Statistical] Account, "about 6 years ago, a tumulus, about 3 feet by 2 consisting of 4 large
Stomes, and covered with a fifth, was discovered upon the property of Lord Kinnoull, containing
a considerable quantity of decayed human bones, It was supposed to be a relic of the Romans
but there was nothing from which this could be positively determined, The remains of the skull
lying at the Eastern end would indicate an origin prior to the introduction of Christianity, Around
this sarcophagus and mingled with the stones of the Cairn which covered it, were ashes and burnt
bones, as if animals or captives had been sacrificed on the Tomb of the Chief."

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