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THE MAIDEN'S LEAP The Maiden's Leap
The Maiden's Leap
The Maiden's Leap
Revd. [Reverend] Edward Robertsn
Mr George Hill
Mr David Young
097 This name is applied to the chason between the two towers of Huntingtower Castle. "A daughter of the first Earl of Gowrie was courted by a young gentleman of inferior rank, whose pretensions were not countenanced by the family. When a visitor at the castle, he was always lodged in a seperate tower from the young lady. One night, however, before the doors were shut, she conveyed herself into her lovers apartment, and some prying duenna acquainted the Countess, who, cutting off all possibility of retreat, hastened to surprise them. The young lady's ears were quick; she heard the footsteps of the old Countess; ran to the top of the leads, and took the desparate leap of 9 feet over a chasm of 60 feet, and luckily lighting on the battlements of the other tower, crept into her own bed, where her astonished mother found her, and of course apoligized for her unjust suspicion. The fair daughter eloped the next night and was married. The place between the two towers is still familiarly known as The Maiden's Leap." (Extract from Stat. [Statistical] Account of Perthshire)

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