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Mill Lead
Mill Lead
Mill Lead
Town's Lead
Revd. [Reverend]Edward Robertson
Mr George Hill
Mr David Young
New Statistical Account
William Greig Town Clerk
097 This name applies to an Aqueduct, the water of which issuing from the River Almond at Low's Work, flows eastward into the City of Perth, where it drives several large mills, and others situated on its banks between the City and where it issues from the River. It is said to have been cut originally for the conveyance of water from the River into the moat or ditch that surrounded the City of Perth when it was fortified. It was ultimately deepened to obtain a greater flow of water, and was turned into a a small lead about the fifteenth century. It is the property of the Borough of Perth, and a committee of the town Council perambulates its banks every year to see that they are kept in proper order. It is partly rated in this parish.

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County of Perth Parish of Tibbermore

The Town Clerk states that this Lead is as well known by one of the above
names as the other and probably better known in the Country places through
which it passes as Mill Lead. But as it is wholly the property of the City of
Perth and that it is already adopted Town's Lead on the 1/500 Plans of the
City it is considered advisable to retain the same name throughout its course.

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