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Site of CROSS [Old Scone] Site of Cross
Site of Cross
Site of Cross
Site of Cross
J. Condie Esqr.
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
Mr William Keay
New Statistical Acct. [Account]
086 The site of the ancient Cross of Scone is a spot in the centre of the carriage drive from Old Scone to the palace. In making this drive about ten years ago the cross was removed about ten yards to the south where it now stand. The following extract from the New Statistical Account describes the Cross as it formerly stood:-
"A little to the east of this "(an ancient gateway)" is the Cross, the only vestige now of the village. It consisted of an upright pillar, 13 feet high, slightly ornamented at the top, standing on a pedestal, surrounded by steps, and gradually diminishing to a small flat octagonal stage from which the pillar rises"
The Woody Islands
George Condie Esq. Solicitor Perth.
J. DicKson Esqre Solicitor Perth
086 Two small Islands planted with Wood. mostly fir, situated in the River Tay. nearly opposite to Scone Palace

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