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Boot Hill
Boot Hill
J. Condie Esqr. Factor
Revd Dr [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
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New Statistical Acct. [Account]
086 This name is applied to a large artificial Knoll adjacent to Scone Palace, of an oval shape, having its top level, and its sides sloping at an angle of 20 degrees. A church of which the aisle remains, stood on its top, and close to the aisle is a small pond or reservoir, formed a few years ago for the purpose of having command of a supply of water in case of fire at the palace. This knoll is about 18 feet in height from the general surface all around. It is not Known at what time or for what purpose it was formed.
"What was vulgarly called the 'boothill', or 'omnis terra', every man's land, remains to be noticed. It is evidently a corruption of Motehill or Moothill. 'The term, says the late Dr [Doctor] Jamieson. 'is evidently Gothic, denoting a place of meeting.' Skene calls it 'the Mute-hill of Scone'; verb. signifying vo. Mote, vide Etymol. Dictionary of the Scottish language vo. Mote In the history of the House of Douglas and Angus, written by Master David Hume of Godscroft, Ed. 1644, it is said, 'Robert Bruce was crowned at Scone in the year 1306 in Ap. at which Sir James Douglas assisted, casting into a heap, as others did, a quantity of earth of his lands of Douglas, which maKing a little hill, is called yet omnis terra. This was the custom of those times, by which homage they that held the King of Scotland supreme under God were distinguished from others'. This story Dr [Doctor] Jamieson characterizes 'a palpable and very silly fable'. According to the old Statistical Account, the hill was between 60 and 70 yards north from the old Abbey Church. Of this church there were scarcely any vestiges when that Statistical Account was written. 'Such changes', it is there said, 'does time introduce, that on that spot where our ancient Kings were crowned, there now grows a clump
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