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Site of GOLD CASTLE Site of Gold Castle Estate Map, 1807.
Peter Geekie, Esqr.
Revd. Dr. [Reverend Doctor] Crombie
J. Condie, Esqr.
085 The site of an ancient castle or stronghold, not a vestige of which, however, remains at present; situated on the east bank of the Tay, within Scone Park. It obtained its name from a tradition in the neighbourhood, which says that a large amount of treasure lies buried in or near the place.
"A small brook runs through it", (the Roman Camp) and on the south side of this brook, about 30 yards up from the river are the vestiges of a fortfication called the Silver Castle, probably from the vulgar idea that money was hid in it. This place is situated nearly about halfway between the Roman military road, and a place on the opposite side of the river, where the battle of Luncarty was fought between the Danes and the Scots. But time and the recent operations of the plough, have now almost obliterated these monuments of ancient times. This last remark made 50 years ago, is still more applicable now." New Statistical Acct. [Account]
In enlarging Scone Park, a few years ago, the place was
completely levelled, and the "small brook" flows through a covered drain or conduit.

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