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Site of NUNNERY [Grange] Site of Grange Nunnery
Site of Grange Nunnery
Ruins of Convent
Ruins of Nunnery
Nunnery of Elcho
Thomas Medrum Elcho
George Pitcaithly Elcho Lodge
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098 [Situation] In the N. W. [North West] end of the parish The site of Grange Nunnery stands in Grange Orchard and on the property of the Earl of Wemyss. The remains of some of the walls may easily be traced.

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Parish of Rhynd -- Sheet 98 No. 10 Trace 5

"The ruins of a nunnery at Orchardnook remain about a mile west from the Castle of Elcho close by
the Tay. It is said to have been founded by David Lindsay, ancestor of the Earls of Crawford and
his mother Catharine Abernethy, a co-heiress of Alexander Lord Abernethy who was proprietor
of Elcho in the reign of Robert Bruce. The ruins lie in the middle of a large orchard
and from the ground which they occupy, the nunnery would appear to have been a pretty
extensive building. The lands at that time are said to have belonged to the monastery
of Dunfermline. Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] vol. [volume] 4 p. [page] 182

The nunnery of Elcho, the ruins of which are still visible demonstrates the skill and judgement of the
priesthood in the dark ages, as well as the power and influence of which they were possessed, who
always selected, as might have been anticipated the most eligible situations for erecting those
edifices where literary leisure as well as piety and peace, might take up their abode but which
from the folly and weakness of mankind were often perverted to other and very different purposes
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Perthshire p. [page] 362

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