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Pitcairnfield Cottages
Pitcairnfield Cottages
Revd [Reverend] R. Nelson
D. Lumsden
Mr Lambie
085 A few small cottages one storey high, built to accommodate the worKers at the Bleach Works. They are slated and in good repair. Proprietor, Mr Smythe Esqr Methven Castle
CAMP [Almondbank] In Old English Camp (British)
Camp Roman
Camp Roman
Camp Roman
Camp (British)
Revd [Reverend] William Liston, Manse Redgorton
Revd [Reverend] R Nelson, Bridgeton
David Lumsden, Esqr.
Mr Lambie, Schoolmaster, Bridgeton
New Statistical Account
085 The remains of a camp, situated about ¼ of a mile east of Almondbank & Bridgeton. In shape, it is nearly semicircular. The authorities given here for it being a Roman camp, give Revd [Reverend] R. Nelson, as their authority, and say that it is Known in the neighbourhood as the "Roman Camp."
"About 2 mile above the station at Orrea, at Pitcairn, on the banks of the Almond there are the distinct remains of a Camp, which is called the Roman Camp, but which, from its being not square, but round, was [continued on next page]

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