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Queen Street
Mr. Readdie Assessor
Mr. Fawcett Comptroller of Customs
098 [Situation] About 4 chains to its E. [East] end from Craigie Mill.
A street running East a few chains North of Craigie Mill it is only built on the south side at present
MONCREIFFE TERRACE [Perth] Moncreiffe Terrace
Moncreiffe Terrace
Mr Readdie Assessor
Mr Greig City Clerk
098 [Situation] On the south side of Lower Craigie.
A terrace of well built houses on the N.E. [North East] of Moncreiffe Bank
Shaw's Well
Shaw's Well
John Murray Craigie Place
John Simm Craigie Mill
Anne Buchan Craigie Mill and several of the Inhabitants
098 A very fine spring of excellent water issuing from the brink or bank of Craigee River. Its natural position or former situation was in the adjoining field but to save tresspassing it was conveyed some years ago by a covered drain to its present position

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