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City of Perth -- Sheet 98.5.19

[Site of Cromwell's Citadel continued]
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It was 266 feet on each side within the moat. On the north side the wall ran parallel to Grayfriars burying-ground
westward across the present south road into the ground where Marshall Place stands. The south wall was nearly
as far south as the aged thorn tree on the east of the road; and the east wall extended along the river side,
and at a short distance from the river. For some time before the Barracks were built, which was in 1793, a
part of it was fitted up for cavalry. At one time there was in it stabling for 200 horse, besides a riding-house,
a tavern, a bake-house, and other corresponding accommodation.
New Statistical Acct. [Account] Pages 48. 49 and 50

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