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JAMES MURRAY'S ROYAL LUNATIC ASYLUM James Murray's Royal Lunatic Asylum
James Murray's Royal Lunatic Asylum
James Murray's Royal Asylum for Lunatics
Dr. Lorimer Assistant Physician to the Asylum
Official document of the Asylum as stated by Dr. Lorimer
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
098 [Situation] About ½ mile N.E. by E [North East by East] from Perth Bridge.
A large and handsome building of cut Sandstone. The ground section of the building resembles nearly the letter, H, and is three storeys high but the lower storey is partly a sunk flat. In the Centre are the apartments for the Superintendent and matron The males and females are in separate departments and the different individuals are Classified so as to prevent any unpleasant association. The building has a number of verandas by means of which patients can enjoy the open air in summer and winter. There are suitable accommodation for every rank of society. The house is on the most improved plan and there are baths of every description.
In the year 1813-14 Mr. James Murray a native of Perth executed a deed of Settlement by which he Conveyed his whole property to David Beatson of Kirkpottie and Robert Reddie City Clerk of Perth both deceased in trust
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