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OS1/25/64/1 [Page] 1 PERTH AND ITS ENVIRONS SHEET 98. 1. No.17,18,19,22,23,& 24. SHEET 98. 5. No. 2,3,& 4. INDEX Names of Objects -- Pages Athole Street -- 31 Athole Crescent -- 31 Balhousie Lead -- 4 Boot of Balhousie -- 5 Boatland House -- 6 Balhousie House -- 7 Balhousie Mill (Corn & Flour) -- 7 Balhousie Castle -- 8 Balhousie -- 15 Barracks (Cavalry & Infantry) -- 15 Barossa Place -- 17 Barrack Street -- 17 Barossa Street -- 21 Comely Bank -- 28 Dunkeld Road -- 16 East Church Parish -- 3 Feu Wynd -- 13 Isla Street -- 11 Low Street -- 16 Montreal Cottage -- 6 Melville Street -- 22 North Inch -- 27 Old Scone (T.P.) [Turnpike] -- 11 Public Seminaries -- 19 River Tay -- 10 Rose Terrace -- 31 Summerbank -- 6 Scottish North Eastern Railway -- 13 St John's Chapel (Roman Catholic) -- 16 Stormont Street -- 22 Stormont House -- 22 Supposed site of the Battle of the Clans (1396) -- 23 Springbank -- 28 St Paul's Church Parish -- 29 Town's Lead -- 4 Taybank Nursery -- 11 Taybank -- 12 Tayside House -- 12 Tayside -- 28 Witches Burned Here (1623) -- 9
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OS1/25/64/3 East Church Parish East Church Parish See Name Sheets for Sheet 98. 9 No.2
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OS1/25/64/4 TOWNS LEAD Towns Lead Towns Lead Kings Lead Mr. Readdie Burgh Assessor Mr. Greig Town Clerk MacFarlanes plan of Perth 1792 See Descriptive Remarks Sheet 98-5-8
OS1/25/64/4 BALHOUSIE LEAD Balhousie Lead Balhousie Lead Balhousie Mill Lead Mr. Readdie Mr. Greig MacFarlanes map of Perth 1792 098 [Situation] Runs through part of the N.E. [North East] portion of the City. This name applies to a branch of the Towns Lead which branches off at the "Boot of Balhousie" and thence runs to Balhousie Mill which it supplies with water power, it thence runs through the garden grounds of Balhousie and then along part of the west and part of south sides of the North Inch, thence runs under part of the North Port (street) and George Street and then together with the main branch of the Towns Lead runs into the Tay close to the S. [South] western end of Perth Bridge
OS1/25/64/4 [Page 4] City of Perth Sheet 98-1 No. 22
OS1/25/64/5 BOOT OF BALHOUSIE Boot of Balhousie Boot of Balhousie James Halley Farmer Balhousie Mr. William Archer Balhousie House 098 [Situation] On the E. [East] side of the Towns Lead. This name applies to an aperture in a stone wall in which is fixed a massive iron ring about a foot in diameter, through which water is allowed to run from the mill race belonging to the City of Perth to form another mill race for the use of Balhousie Mill. The following circumstance is said to give rise to this name, viz. At the time (which is said to be some centuries ago) that the proprietor of Balhousie estate purposed to build a mill he bargained with the City Corporation of Perth to be allowed as much water from their lade as would pass through his boot which the Corporation then granted.
OS1/25/64/5 [Page] 5 Town of Perth and its Environs Sheet 98-1 No. 22 Trace 4
OS1/25/64/6 MONTREAL COTTAGE Montreal Cottage Montreal Cottage Mrs. Bower Montreal Cottage Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory. 098 [Situation] About 5 Chains N.W. [North West] from Boatland House. A neat cottage residence two storeys high with garden and small plot of ornamental ground attached. The residence of Joseph Bower.
OS1/25/64/6 BOATLAND HOUSE Boatland House Boatland House Boatland House Mr. J. Clark, Gardener Taybank Nursery Lady Oswald Boatland House Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory 098 [Situation] On the East side of the River Tay near the centre of the Sheet. A handsome Cottage residence with garden and ornamental ground attached. The property of Mr. Keiller and tenanted by Lady Oswald.
OS1/25/64/6 SUMMERBANK Summerbank Summerbank Mr. J. Clark Taybank Nursery Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory. 098 [Situation] About 5½ chains S.E. [South East] from Boatland House. A handsome cottage residence or villa surrounded by a nursery and small portion of ornamental ground. The house is at present unoccupied and advertised To let. The property and late residence of Mr. Stewart Nursery and Seedsman.
OS1/25/64/6 [Page] 6 Sheet 98-1 No. 19 Trace 2 & 6 -- City of Perth and its Environs
OS1/25/64/7 BALHOUSIE HOUSE Balhousie House Balhousie House Mr. William Archer Occupier Mr. James Halley 098 [Situation] About 8 Chains N. [North] Westerly from Balhousie Castle. A neat Cottage residence with vegetable garden and small plot of ornamental ground attached. Tenanted by Mr William Archer. The property of the Earl of Kinnoull
OS1/25/64/7 BALHOUSIE MILL (Corn & Flour) Balhousie Mill Balhousie Mill Balhousie Mill Mrs. Thomas Christie Mr. William Archer Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory 098 [Situation] About 4½ chains N. [North] Westerley from Balhousie Castle. A well constructed building three storeys high cosisting of corn and flour mill; there are two pairs of grinding stones for each purpose worked by water power having the usual accommodation attached including Corn Kill, Store rooms, &c. with a good dwelling house. Tenanted by Mrs. Thomas Christie. The property of the Earl of Kinnoull
OS1/25/64/7 [Page] 7 City of Perth and its Environs -- Sheet 98-1 No. 23 Trace 1
OS1/25/64/8 BALHOUSIE CASTLE Balhousie Castle Balhousie Castle Castle of Balhousie Charles Mawer Balhousie Castle James Halley Balhousie McFarlane's Map of Perth 1792 098 [Situation] Nearly the centre of the Sheet. An old building three storeys high in a dilapidated state at present unoccupied and has been so for a long time. One apartment of it only is occupied as a dwelling by an Old Woman (Mrs. Mawer the mother of the present tenant). The walls are about four feet thick built of ashlar work but the exterior of the whole building appears to have been a good deal changed (at least as regards the enlarging of the windows, &c.,) since its first erection. The roof still remains but very much out of repair. The date 1631 is cut on a stone in the wall close to the eaves
OS1/25/64/8 [Page] 8 City of Perth and its Environs -- Sheet 98-1 No. 23 Trace 5
OS1/25/64/9 WITCHES BURNED HERE (1623) [North Inch] Witches burned here (1623) Mr. Marshall 098 [Situation] On the eastern side of the North Inch a few chains from the River Tay. The place where this transaction took place is pointed out by Mr. Marshall on the North Inch. He states that many years ago in a slight hollow there was two or three large stones which was considered as left there to mark the spot where the event took place. These stones have been removed but Mr. Marshall still remembers the place where they lay. The following notice is from the Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] - In the year 1623 three women were tried and executed for witchcraft. Their names were Margaret Hormscleuch Isabella Haldane and Janet Trall. Information being lodged against them in the Session, they were taken before that Court their depositions were respectively taken and witnesses were called and examined to establish their guilt. The examination of [continued on page 10]
OS1/25/64/9 [Page] 9 City of Perth -- Sheet 98.1.24 Trace 1
OS1/25/64/10 Witches burned here (1623) (continued) [continued from page 9] the witnesses appears to have occupied the Court for seven days in the months of May and June and to have been conducted with great minuteness, &c. George Robertson, post, was sent with the depositions of the witches to purchase a commission to put them to an inquest. The clerk was ordained to direct a missive to Andrew Conqueror Commissioner to Parliament from the town and another to Charles Rollock baillie who were then Edinburgh and another to Mr. John Guthrie minister there that they all three might concur for obtaining the Commission. The Commission being obtained the witches were tried and condemned, they suffered the ordinary punishment by being strangled at the stake and afterwards burned, on Friday July the 18th. 1623. The place where such tragic scenes were perpetrated is said to have been a hollow in the North Inch.
OS1/25/64/10 River Tay River Tay See Descriptive Remarks written for Name Book Parish of Rhynd, Perthshire
OS1/25/64/10 [Page] 10
OS1/25/64/11 OLD SCONE T.P. [Turn Pike] Old Scone Toll Bar Old Scone Toll Bar Name on Table of Tolls Mr. Crockart Toll Collector 098 [Situation] East side of the River Tay N.E. [North East] corner of the Sheet. A toll gate and Collector's Cottage at the north end of Islay Street
OS1/25/64/11 ISLAY STREET Islay Street Islay Street Street Sign Mr J. Clark Gardener Taybank Nursery 098 [Situation] On the E. [East] side of Taybank Nursery. This name applies to a part of the road leading northwards from Bridgend from the junction of Main Street, and Strathmore Street to Old Scone Toll Bar
OS1/25/64/11 TAYBANK NURSERY Taybank Nursery Taybank Nursery Mr. J. Clark Gardener Mrs. Bower Montreal Cottage. 098 [Situation] On the E. [East] side of the River Tay & E. [East] side of the Sheet. A nursery of forest, and fruit trees, flowers shrubs, &c. The property of the occupier Mr. Stewart.
OS1/25/64/11 [Page] 11 City of Perth and its Envrons -- Sheet 98-1 No. 24 Trace 3 [Note under Islay Street] See spelling in Name Sheets for 98.5. No. 5
OS1/25/64/12 TAYBANK Taybank Taybank Taybank Name over gateway at entrance Mr. Stewart Taybank Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory 098 [Situation] Adjoining Mansfield Place on the N. [North] side. This name applies to a row of two neat villas or cottages. The residences of respectable families. The property of Mr. Stewart.
OS1/25/64/12 TAYSIDE HOUSE Tayside House A. Moncrieff Esq. Thomas O'Hallaron. 098 [Situation] Near the extreme S.E. [South East] corner of the Sheet. A genteel residence with lawn & offices the property of the occupier A. Moncrieff Esq. Solicitor
OS1/25/64/12 [Page] 12 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-1 No. 24 Trace 6
OS1/25/64/13 SCOTTISH NORTH EASTERN RAILWAY Scottish North Eastern Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway Scottish North Eastern Railway Mr. Reid Law Agent Scottish Central Ry. [Railway] Mr. Greig City Clerk Mr. Chalmers, Statn. [Station] Master S.C. [Scottish Central] Railway Mr. Garvie Station Master Dundee & Perth Ry. [Railway] 098 [Situation] Running North from the City of Perth. This line of railway was opened to the public in 1847 and was known as the Scottish Midland Junction at that time, it has since been altered to its present name which is applied from Perth to Aberdeen.
OS1/25/64/13 Feu Wynd Feu Wynd See Name Sheets for Sheet 98 - 5 No. 7
OS1/25/64/13 [Page] 13 City of Perth -- Sheet 98. 5. 2.
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OS1/25/64/15 BALHOUSIE Balhousie Balhousie James Halley occupier Charles Mawer Balhousie Castle 098 [Situation] About 6 chains in a northerly direction from Stormont House. A small farm house one story high with out houses and garden attached and a small farm of arable land, tenanted by James Halley. The property of the Earl of Kinnoull.
OS1/25/64/15 BARRACKS [Perth] The Queen's Barracks The Regular Barracks The Queen's or Regular Barracks Perth Barracks Official Documents, Returns &c., addressed to the War Office Mr. Marshall, Skinnergate Perth Mr. Miller Barrack Sergeant Perth Heading of several documents in Barrack Sergt's [Sergeant's] Letter book 098 [Situation] N.W. [North West] end of Barrack Street near its junction with Low Street. These barracks are fitted to accommodate Cavalry and infantry. There are stables for 69 horses including Officers' and troop horses. In Officers Quarters there is accommodation for 18 Officers including 2 field Officers, and for soldiers there can be accommodated 367 men including 5 Staff Sergeants
OS1/25/64/15 [Page] 15 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-5 No. 3 Trace 3 [Note under Barracks (Cavalry, &. Infantry):] It will be seen by the different names above given by the authorities quoted, that there is no proper name for these barracks
OS1/25/64/16 DUNKELD ROAD [Perth] Dunkeld Road Dunkeld Road Name on Lamp post James Halley Balhousie 098 [Situation] Running N.W. [North West] from the junction of Barrack St. and Low Street. This name applies to a part of the road which is the continuation northwards of Barrack Street. It is the direct road leading from Perth to Dunkeld.
OS1/25/64/16 LOW STREET [Perth] Low Street Low Street Street Sign James Halley 098 [Situation] Running easterly from the N. [North] end of Barrack Street. A short street leading from the north end of Meville Street to Barrack Street and Dunkeld Road.
OS1/25/64/16 ST JOHN'S CHAPEL (Roman Catholic) [Perth] St John's Chapel (R [Roman] Catholic) St John's Chapel (R [Roman] Catholic) Revd. [Reverend] George Rigg Mr. Grego Optician High Street 098 [Situation] On the west side of Melville St. about the centre of that side. An edifice of the plain Gothic style erected in 1833 having accommodation or seats for 800 of a congregation, and belonging to the Roman Catholics. The officiating Priest is the Revd. [Reverend] George Rigg whose stipend is raised from seat rents and voluntary contributions with a free house and garden adjoining the Chapel.
OS1/25/64/16 [Page] 16 City of Perth and its Environs -- Sheet 98-5. No. 3 Trace 4 [Note under St John's Chapel (Roman Catholic)] Seats for 800 Note. This chapel is not fully seated as yet but when it will be, it can accommodate 800 at least, when the Congregation at present requires more seats than those permanently erected, temporary seats or forms are made use of and it is found that 800 can be easily accommodated. The permanent seats at present erected do not exceed 600 sittings
OS1/25/64/17 BAROSSA PLACE [Perth] Barossa Place Post Office Directory Corner of Street 098 [Situation] Running in a N.E. [North East] direction from its junction with Melville Street. A street of considerable length situated west of Rose Terrace & East of Melville St & parallel with Athole Street, extending from Melville Street to Rose Terrace
OS1/25/64/17 BARRACK STREET [Perth] Barrack Street Barrack Street Barrack Street Name on Street Sign James Halley Perth P. O. [Post Office] Directory 098 [Situation] Running in a S.E. [South East] direction from its junction with Low St. & Dunkeld Road. A Short Street along the NE [North East] wall of the Barrack extending from Athole Street to the west end of Low Street.
OS1/25/64/17 [Page] 17 1 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-5-3-Trace 3
OS1/25/64/18 [Page] 18 [Blank page]
OS1/25/64/19 PUBLIC SEMINARIES [Perth] Perth Academy Perth Academy Public Seminaries Public Seminaries Seminaries Public Seminaries Public Seminaries Mr. John Smith A.M. [Artium Magister] Perth Academy Master writing Dept. [Department] Several official documents and Returns of the Academy William Greig Esqr. City Clerk City Clerk's Acct. [Account] Books Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory Peacock's Hist. [History] of Perth Fullarton's Gazetteer 098 [Situation] On the E. [East] side of Barossa St. nearly opposite to Stormont House. A large and handsome building fronting the North Inch in Rose Terrace. The front is of a beautiful sandstone hewn and polished, ornamented with pillars and balustrades. It is three storeys high including a sunk flat. The interior is well furnished and fitted up for all the requirements of an Academy. The class-rooms are large & airy with lofty ceilings. Part of this establishment is entered from Barossa Street and constitutes a separate building from that which fronts the North Inch. Jointly these edifices contain apartments for Seven Schools all of which are under the patronage of the town Council and receive some endowments from the burgh funds, some of these schools were originally separate establishments and located in different parts of the town, but were all joined into one established when the present buildings were erected in 1807. The Grammar School is of long standing, the rector receives part of his salary from the town council. It is for Latin, Greek ancient geography, &c., the academy (so called [continued on page 20]
OS1/25/64/19 [Page] 19 Town of Perth -- Sheet 98.-5 No. 3 Trace 6
OS1/25/64/20 PUBLIC SEMINARIES (Continued) [continued from page 19] when a separate establishment) instituted in 1760 is for natural philosophy, chemistry, astronomy and all the departments of scientific and practical mathematics, the French School is for French Italian and Spanish. The English school for rudimental branches and composition, history, geography, and astonomy. The writing and arithmetic, the drawing and painting schools for the branches named in their designation.
OS1/25/64/20 [Page] 20
OS1/25/64/21 BAROSSA STREET [Perth] Barossa Street Barossa Street Post Office Directory Corner of Street 098 [Situation] Passing Stormont House on the East side from its junction with Barossa Place. A small Street Situated north of Athole Street & South of Barossa Place parallel with Stormont Street
OS1/25/64/21 [Page] 21 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-5-3 Trace 6 [An entry for Athole Street has been crossed out]
OS1/25/64/22 MELVILLE STREET [Perth] Melville St. Melville St. Post Office Directory Corner of Street 098 [Situation] Running S.E. [South East] from its junction with Barossa Place. A street of considerable length situated north of Athole Street & parallel with Stormont Street
OS1/25/64/22 STORMONT STREET [Perth] Stormont St Stormont St Post Office Directory Corner of Street 098 [Situation] Running nearly parallel to Melville Street. A small Street situated north of Athole Street & south of Barossa Place
OS1/25/64/22 STORMONT HOUSE Stormont House Stormont House Post Office Directory Rev. [Reverend] E.L. Blenkinsoph. 098 [Situation] Nearly central between Barossa St. & Stormont St at their northern end. A very neatly built dwelling house with suitable offices & garden attached situated in Stormont Street the property of the Directory of the Cathedral & tenanted by the Rev [Reverend] E. L. Blenkinsoph
OS1/25/64/22 [Page] 22 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-5-3 Trace 6
OS1/25/64/23 Supposed Site of the BATTLE OF THE CLANS (1396) Supposed Site of the Battle of the Clans Battle of the Inch Mr. Marshall Peacock's Hist. [History] of Perth 098 [Situation] On the southern portion of the North Inch. The scene of this remarkable military transaction is generally believed to be the southern portion of the North Inch in front of the Athole Place and Athole Crescent. This is the opinion of Mr. Marshall, William Ross Esqr. and many others and that the "Gilton Arbour", which was the name of the Summer house or pavilion from which King Robert III and his courtiers are said to have viewed the conflict stood somewhere about Athole Crescent or Rose Terrace. The following account of this transaction is from the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]. - In the beginning of the fourteenth century there existed a deadly feud between two powerful and fierce clans - the MacIntoshes and McKays. King Robert III sent the Earls of Dunbar and Crawford with a strong force to reduce them to order [continued on page 24]
OS1/25/64/23 [Page] 23 City of Perth -- Sheet 98 - 5 No. 4 Trace 4 [Note below Supposed Site of the Battle of the Clans:] Between Clan Chattan and Clan Kay - 1396 "This combat happened in the year 1396" Buchanan's Hist [History] of Scotland by Watkins page 228
OS1/25/64/24 Supposed Site of the BATTLE OF THE CLANS (1396) (Continued) [continued from page 23] These noblemen with a view to terminate the feud proposed to their chiefs to select out of their respective clans each a band of thirty men who should by combat decide this matter on the North Inch of Perth in the presence of the King. The proposal having been agreed to by the Chiefs a place for the combat was prepared. It was surrounded by a trench and by galleries erected for spectators. When the combatants were about to engage one of the McIntoshes was seized with a panic and absconded. But a man of the name of Wynde a saddler of the town agreed to supply his place provided he should receive a half French gold dollar. The terms were immediately complied with. The combat began and was carried on with great fury on both sides till twenty nine of the McKays fell. The surviving one unskaithed seeing that he could not single-handed resist the impetuosity of Wynde and ten McIntoshes who were left alive burst from the arena leaped into the river swam across and escaped." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] p. [page] 30 It was in the reign of Robert III. that the celebrated conflict was fought on the North Inch of Perth which was witness by that Monarch from the balconies of the Gilten Arbour in the Garden of the Dominican Monastery, on the ground now occupied by the elegant houses forming Athole Place the Crescent and Rose Terrace. The combatants were the Clan Chattan and the Clan Kay, the former of whom were Macintoshes but it is not agreed who were the Clan Kay. The conflict was conducted on the principle of that of the Horatii and Curiatii in Roman history, &c. Book of Perth - page XXVII [27].
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OS1/25/64/27 NORTH INCH North Inch North Inch North Inch North Inch Post Office Directory Mr. Howie Mr Greig Town Clerk Mr Reid Town Clerk 098 [Situation] On the N. [North] side of the City of Perth & West bank of the River Tay. A Park of about 100 acres situated at the north end of the Town property of the Corporation. This park as well as that of the South Inch is the Common property of the town. The town Corporation having from time immemorial acquired the right to let these two parks for grazing during the summer months and part of autumn, but the public has a right to use it as play ground a bleaching green and to walk on it without any restriction at all times. The Perth Races are held on the North Inch. The race course is marked by wooden stakes. "The course was transferred from the South to the North Inch many years ago being in several important respects preferable. By an excambion which the town effected with the Earl of Kinnoull in 1785 the North Inch has been very much enlarged the Course is 2220 yards. For fleet horses it is unrivalled, as throughout the plain there is not a single rising; it is almost a dead level. before the excambion took place the course was nearly the same as at present the Earl permitting to go through his park and the division wall to be for the time taken down."
OS1/25/64/27 [Page] 27 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-5-4 Traces 1 & 2
OS1/25/64/28 SPRINGBANK Springbank Springbank Springbank James Roy Esqr. D. McGregor William Wedderspoon 098 [Situation] On the E. [East] bank of the River Tay near the N.E. [North East] corner of the Sheet. A two story dwelling house with suitable offices garden & ornamental grounds attached situated on the East side of the River Tay property of James Roy & tenanted by the proprietor
OS1/25/64/28 COMELYBANK Comelybank Comleybank Comleybank D McGregor James Roy Esqr William Wedderspoon 098 [Situation] About 1 chain S. [South] of Springbank. A neatly built dwelling house with offices garden and ornamental grounds attached situated on the East side of the River Tay property of Miss Dodgson & tenanted by the proprietor
OS1/25/64/28 TAYSIDE Tayside Tayside Tayside William Wedderspoon James Roy Esqr D. McGregor 098 [Situation] About 60 links S. [South] of Comely Bank. A neatly built dwelling house with suitable offices garden & ornamental ground attached Situated on the East side of the River Tay property of William Wedderspoon & tenanted by the proprietor
OS1/25/64/28 [Page] 28 City of Perth -- Sheet 98. 5. 4 Trace 3
OS1/25/64/29 ST PAUL'S CHURCH PARISH St. Paul's Church Parish St. Paul's Church Parish Mr. Reid City Clerk Mr. Greig City Clerk Mr. Thompson City Chamberlain 098 [Situation] Consisting of the N. [North] Eastern portion of the parish of Perth. This parish lies wholly in the town and measures about a mile in extreme length and about one quarter of a mile in extreme breadth. - See further particulars in Descriptive Remarks for the parish of Perth, 1/2500 scale
OS1/25/64/29 [Page] 29 City of Perth -- Sheet
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OS1/25/64/31 ROSE TERRACE [Perth] Rose Terrace Rose Terrace Rose Terrace Street Sign Perth P.O. [Post Office] Directory Mr. Greig Town Clerk 098 [Situation] At the north end of the City. A handsome range of houses three storeys high and a sunk flat. Tenanted by respectable families
OS1/25/64/31 ATHOLE STREET Athole Street See Name Sheets for Sheet 98-5 No. 8
OS1/25/64/31 ATHOLE CRESCENT Athole Crescent See Name Sheets for Sheet 98-5 No. 9
OS1/25/64/31 [Page] 31 City of Perth -- Sheet 98-5 No. 4 Trace 4 [Signed] James Carpenter C. A. [Civilian Assistant] 31st. Aug. [August] 1860 C. N. Martin Capt R.E. [Captain Royal Engineers] 31st. August 1860
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OS1/25/64/33 [Page] 33 [Volume] 64 OS1/25/64 [Date Stamp] ORDNANCE SURVEY M.S. STORE SOUTHAMPTON 28 APR. 1898 PERTH Pt [Part] 4 AND ITS ENVIRONS SHEET 98. 1. No. & 24. SHEET 98. 5. No. 2.3. & 4.