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Supposed Site of the BATTLE OF THE CLANS (1396) (Continued) [continued from page 23]
These noblemen with a view to terminate the feud proposed to their chiefs to select out of their respective clans each a band of thirty men who should by combat decide this matter on the North Inch of Perth in the presence of the King. The proposal having been agreed to by the Chiefs a place for the combat was prepared. It was surrounded by a trench and by galleries erected for spectators. When the combatants were about to engage one of the McIntoshes was seized with a panic and absconded. But a man of the name of Wynde a saddler of the town agreed to supply his place provided he should receive a half French gold dollar. The terms were immediately complied with. The combat began and was carried on with great fury on both sides till twenty nine of the McKays fell. The surviving one unskaithed seeing that he could not single-handed resist the impetuosity of Wynde and ten McIntoshes who were left alive burst from the arena leaped into the river swam across and escaped."
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] p. [page] 30

It was in the reign of Robert III. that the celebrated conflict was fought on the North Inch of Perth which was witness by that Monarch from the balconies of the Gilten Arbour in the Garden of the Dominican Monastery, on the ground now occupied by the elegant houses forming Athole Place the Crescent and Rose Terrace. The combatants were the Clan Chattan and the Clan Kay, the former of whom were Macintoshes but it is not agreed who were the Clan Kay. The conflict was conducted on the principle of that of the Horatii and Curiatii in Roman history, &c.
Book of Perth - page XXVII [27].

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