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Supposed Site of the BATTLE OF THE CLANS (1396) Supposed Site of the Battle of the Clans
Battle of the Inch
Mr. Marshall
Peacock's Hist. [History] of Perth
098 [Situation] On the southern portion of the North Inch.
The scene of this remarkable military transaction is generally believed to be the southern portion of the North Inch in front of the Athole Place and Athole Crescent. This is the opinion of Mr. Marshall, William Ross Esqr. and many others and that the "Gilton Arbour", which was the name of the Summer house or pavilion from which King Robert III and his courtiers are said to have viewed the conflict stood somewhere about Athole Crescent or Rose Terrace. The following account of this transaction is from the New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]. - In the beginning of the fourteenth century there existed a deadly feud between two powerful and fierce clans - the MacIntoshes and McKays. King Robert III sent the Earls of Dunbar and Crawford with a strong force to reduce them to order
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City of Perth -- Sheet 98 - 5 No. 4 Trace 4

[Note below Supposed Site of the Battle of the Clans:]
Between Clan Chattan
and Clan Kay - 1396

"This combat happened in the year 1396"
Buchanan's Hist [History] of Scotland
by Watkins page 228

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