List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
OLD SCONE T.P. [Turn Pike] Old Scone Toll Bar
Old Scone Toll Bar
Name on Table of Tolls
Mr. Crockart Toll Collector
098 [Situation] East side of the River Tay N.E. [North East] corner of the Sheet.
A toll gate and Collector's Cottage at the north end of Islay Street
Islay Street
Street Sign
Mr J. Clark Gardener Taybank Nursery
098 [Situation] On the E. [East] side of Taybank Nursery.
This name applies to a part of the road leading northwards from Bridgend from the junction of Main Street, and Strathmore Street to Old Scone Toll Bar
Taybank Nursery
Mr. J. Clark Gardener
Mrs. Bower Montreal Cottage.
098 [Situation] On the E. [East] side of the River Tay & E. [East] side of the Sheet.
A nursery of forest, and fruit trees, flowers shrubs, &c. The property of the occupier Mr. Stewart.

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City of Perth and its Envrons -- Sheet 98-1 No. 24 Trace 3

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See spelling in Name Sheets for 98.5. No. 5

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