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as pertaining to the civil affairs of the district as though it were one parish also there is but one parochial board for the management and distribution of the funds for the support of the poor, yet the ministers of the four respective parishes have all the rights and privileges and independent of each other in ecclesiastical affairs as if they were ministers of quo civilia parishes. The following notice is from Marshall's Hist. [History] of Perth page 384.
"The City of Perth was originally comprehended in one parish and from 1560 till 1595 was supplied by one minister. In the latter mentioned year Mr. William Cowper afterwards Bishop of Galloway was admitted as second minister. Till 1716 there were two ministers with one parochial church. In 1715 the town councils on account of the increase of the population of the town agreed to call a third clergyman and assigned him an annual stipend of 1000 merks Scots and the west part of St. John's Church was fitted up as an additional place of worship, he continued as one of the ministers until 1740 when he was deposed. From this period till 1771 there were only two ministers who preached in the two churches alternately. In that year the choir east end of St. John's Church was separated from the Middle Church and converted into a place of worship and an ordained assistant was provided for the two ministers. They had not however each a distinct congregation but preached according to rotation in the three churches. In 1807 by a decreet of erection and disjunction the parish was quoad Sacra divided into four separate parishes. The parsonage teinds consist of 300 bolls of victual of which 160 bolls 2 firlots 2 pecks 2⅔ lippies are meal and 139 bolls 1 peck 1⅓ lippies barley or bear. The vicarage teinds amount to £7.8.10⅔"
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