List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
NORTH LEYS North Binns
North Binns
North Leys
North Leys
Mr James Stewart (Schoolmaster)
Edward Matthews (Gamekeeper)
Mr Peter Robertson, Factor
Estate Plans &c
Valn [Valuation] Roll, 1857-8
Stobie's Co. [County] Map
076 [Situation] In the western portion of the parish.
A one story farm house occupied by farm servants Mrs McNaughton Tenant. Sir William Murray Propr. [Proprietor]. This was formerly Called "North Binns" but previously, and at Present "North Leys" So says Mr Robertson, the Factor on the Estate
Site of PIPER DAM Piper Dam (Site of)
Piper Dam (Site of)
Piper Dam (Site of)
Piper's Dam
Site of Piper Dam
Mr James Stewart Schoolmaster
Edward Matthews
Statisl Acct [Statistical Account]
Mr Peter Robertson Factor, Fowlis
Mr Moncrieff Perth
076 [Situation] In the N. western portion of the parish.
This Dam is situated about a mile & a half north west from the village of Fowlis. It has formerly been a Loch but it now affords good pasture for Sheep &c. It is so called from the fact that a Piper was drowned in it.
Mr Thomas Anderson
Mr James Stewart
Mr Peter Robertson
076 [Situation] Nearly in the Central portion of the parish
A substantial two story farm house with steading & arable farm attached occupied by Mr Thomas Anderson. Sir William Murray Propr [Proprietor].

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Ph [Parish] of Lundie & Fowlis Co. [County] of Perth -- Sheet 76 No.9 Traces 1 & 2
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