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DUNCAN'S CAMP Duncan's Camp
Duncan's Camp
Duncan's Camp
Duncan's Camp
Sir W.D. Stewart
Mr. John Harris
Revd. [Reverend] Daniel McBride
Dunkeld, its Straths & Glens
062 This name is applied to a large artificial mound on the top of Duncan's Hill. Tradition says it was formed by King Duncan, who used it as a camp. On one side it is orotected by an almost perpendicular cliff, on the other are the remains of intrenchments.
"Near the bottom of the south-east side of Birnam, also, there is a round mound which bears some traces of a good fortification. It has been known for time immemorial by the names of Court hill and Duncan's hill; and tradition reports that it was occasionally occupied by the unfortunate King Duncan." Fullarton's Gazetteer
"This hill, rendered classic ground by the pen of the immortal Shakespeare, rises to an elevation of 1580 feet above the level of the sea. It is about 12 miles distant from Dunsinane. Tradition states, that when Malcolm Canmohr came into Scotland to recover his dominions from Macbeth, he found the passes in the neighbourhood of Perth in the possession of the latter. Malcolm, therefore, marched his army from Stirling via Crieff and the Small Glen, to Drumour, within four miles of Dunkeld, and then across the hills, passing through what was sometimes called the Glen of Birnam. They rested the first night at Duncan's Camp, near to Rohallion, within sight of Dunsinane Hill, to which they marched the following morning." Dunkeld, its Straths & Glens

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